About Us

Tabletop Props is committed to providing detailed and affordable props and terrain on the miniature scale.

We are a new kind of miniature company. Most miniatures on the market are poured molds, becoming small statues that can be painted for great detail. Tabletop Props thinks of itself as a toy company, focused on the miniature scale.  Using advanced techniques perfected by the toy industry, Tabletop Props are injected molded in multiple parts, creating durable, modular designs made for the game table.  Each piece is extremely detailed and painted with exquisite precision for a miniature unlike anything else on the market.


Tabletop Props are loosely built on the 28 mm scale (1:64).  However, function is the foremost thought before “true” scale.

Tabletop Props are made for the game table, as such they are large enough to be visible and easy to handle for all players, but small enough to not be a hindrance during game play.

The industry standard on 28 mm miniatures tend towards slightly larger than life and bases are present on most industry miniatures, further skewing “true” scale.  Tabletop Props are made to interact with this industry standard, accounting for bases and larger than life miniatures alike.

Tabletop Props shown on a 1 inch grid.

Important Note: Tabletop Props contain small parts and are not intended for children under 6 years of age.